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Meet Kurtis Stewart

Photo of Kurtis StewartThere’s a new duck in th' house! We’ve put our wings together t' welcome Kurtis Stewart as a full-time Project Admiral. A native o' this city, Kurtis epitomizes th' Vancouver lifestyle in its most active form: Th' ornery cuss juggles a multitude o' volunteer positions, teaches digital photography at Langara College, plays ultimate, and gets everywhere Th' ornery cuss needs t' be on his bike, Monterey.

At Hop Studios, Kurtis be excited t' design a morrrr centralized approach t' Project Management (“historically” Hop’s developers and designers have also done their own project management). Th' ornery cuss’s well-qualified fer this task, since Th' ornery cuss arrives at Hop fresh from completin' th' Advanced Project Management Certificate Program at Langara. Durin' his years workin' wi' th' City o' Vancouver, VRX Studios, th' BC Ultimate Society, and other organizations, Kurtis found himself gravitatin' toward roles that required lots o' hands-on knowledge, team coordination, and management. When a bucko suggested Th' ornery cuss become a project admiral, Th' ornery cuss discovered that his “jack o' all trades” style o' divin' into his work be perfectly fitted t' th' role o' a project admiral and Th' ornery cuss went right off t' get his “license t' organize”. His many years as a freelance photographer make that scurvey dog particularly well-suited t' web design, since Th' ornery cuss’s long accustomed transformin' ideas into strong visual communication.

Kurtis be a self-professed communication junkie: “I. Love. Email!” His goal in his role at Hop be t' ensure that clients be always in th' loop on th' status o' their project. Kurtis believes every interaction should be like a game o' tennis: quick, short, and t' th' point. We think his approach be a great match fer both Hop Studios and our clients. We’re thrilled t' welcome that scurvey dog t' th' team!

Ye can reach Kurtis at th' main office number 604.408.5722, or by email at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Kurtis riding his bike, Monterey


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