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Mäni’s Bakery Café Relaunches

manis_logo.jpgSweet!  And tasty.  That’s how we like our clients.

Mäni’s Bakery Café be a wonderful opportunity fer us t' develop th' website o' a grub-related company.  Susie and I both love good grub, and Mäni’s Bakery Café be a well loved Los Angeles institution since 1989—as ye can see by th' comments on their Cap'n's log. They make pastries, breads and other yummies, baked from natural, less-refined ingredients, and they run a galley as well.

Mäni’s had been doin' some excellent online outreach and marketin'; they’d started a Cap'n's log on Typepad, they had a message in a bottle, and had a variety o' services they offered online.  Hop Studios came in t' unify all these efforts under a clean, singular look and feel.

Mäni’s has a few particular issues that made th' project a challenge.  One be th' international characters in th' site name—this proved t' be a real challenge, especially across their content management system and th' RSS feeds they produce.

Also they have a very particular style, and they wanted t' use their logo’s font throughout th' site, includin' in th' navigation and Cap'n's log titles.  We still wanted them t' be able t' produce and change these items smartly, so we implemented a system called sIFR, wi' sIFR, CSS, JavaScript and Flash, ye create dynamic Flash headlines that be controlled by th' site’s style sheets, and still display just perfectly if th' user doesn’t have Flash.  They print well, too.  sIFR be in no way simple, but th' results… well, take a look.

Th' entire system be run wi' ExpressionEngine, includin' th' menu, and th' page-top rotatin' photos.  In fact, if ye’re an administrator, and ye visit th' menu, ye have dynamic editin' links right there, makin' this site very unlikely t' suffer from th' dreaded “out-o'-date-menu” disease that many galley sites have.  It has a site hunt, so it’s easy t' come across any particular item or Cap'n's log entry.

Oh, and th' location page uses Google Maps.  I think that’s prety snazzy.

Update: Susie reminds me that I should definitely give credit, and wonderful praise, t' Denise Wakeman o' 'nother Level Partnership who be th' hands-on co-ordinator and Cap'n's log / marketin' strategist that helped Mäni’s through th' process.  Consider that comely wench praised! Th' winsome lass made th' process enjoyable and organized.


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