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Let’s Get Smaller

A rubber duck being squashed in a vise

No, that’s not me New Year’s resolution (although now that I think about it…), it’s th' motto fer a brand new Hop Studios’ ExpressionEngine add-on: Hop Minifizer!

Hop Minifizer takes yer site’s CSS, Javascript and even SCSS files, and combines, compresses, and saves them fer quick servin', either as local files or on Amazon S3. Yer site will load and display far morrrr smartly, but yer development process will still be modular and easy t' manage and maintain.

Best o' all, aft ye set up Hop Minifizer, ye don’t have t' adjust it if ye add a new script or style sheet — Minifizer will automatically streamline th' new code.


Hop Minifizer settings screenshot

Morrrr features: Choose yer preferred CSS and JS Libraries, hook Hop Minifizer up wi' CE Cache, and even generate GZIP versions o' yer files. 

Get Hop Minifizer today — fer free!

Credit whar credit be due: This add-on be based on Minimee, by John D. Wells, but incorporates additional functionality.


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