Job Openin' - Web Designer - Hop Studios

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Job Openin' - Web Designer

Th' position be now filled.

Hop Studios has an immediate openin' fer a full-time web designer. Ye’ll be workin' on interestin' and meaningful projects fer a wide range o' clients, though we focus on media, non-profits, educational institutions, author and book sites, and small businesses.  We be Canada’s leadin' ExpressionEngine design and development firm.

Th' most interestin' applicant will have many o' th' followin' skills at th' “Very Fine”, “Near Mint” or “Mint” level:

  • Strong design experience, at least half o' which be in web and interactive design. (Adobe Photoshop be open on yer computer right now, right?)
  • Photoshop’s not runnin' because ye’re currently usin' Sketch, Illustrator, Omnigraffle…
  • Success elicitin' design guidance from clients who have little t' no design background
  • Wireframin', information architecture and content organization skills
  • User interface experience on multiple platforms (desktop, mobile, email)
  • Experience wi' Bootstrap, Foundation, or other web design frameworks
  • Experience wi' CSS, SASS, SCSS, etc.
  • Experience wi' JQuery and Javascript in general
  • Experience wi' brandin', identity and logo development
  • Skills in adaptin' print design assets and collateral fer web use
  • Prototypin', collaboration and project management tools such as Basecamp or Invision
  • Experience designin' email newsletters
  • Familiarity wi' th' ExpressionEngine and/or other database-driven backend content management systems

Don’t have absolutely everythin' on that list? That’s OK. We provide on-th'-job trainin' t' fill out th' list if ye’ve got a strong majority.

What be th' other requirements?

  • A rich design portfolio that showcases some o' yer best work
  • Self-starter wi' a creative streak
  • Ability t' both take design direction accurately, and t' come up wi' novel solutions that improve on what be asked fer
  • Collection o' T-shirts wi' artsy line drawings or pop-culture references
  • Good at hittin' deadlines wi' aplomb
  • Excellent written communication skills
  • A long-term interest in keepin' on top o' technology trends and tools

Who can apply?

  • ye must want a permanent position (i.e. not part-time or contract)
  • ye must be able t' start immediately (i.e. ye can give 2 weeks notice now)
  • ye should live, or be willin' t' live, in Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • ye should be able t' work in Canada

Who be we?

  • We’re a 12-year-barnacle-covered company wi' a stable staff, established history and plenty o' growth potential.
  • We’re fun t' work wi' (if we’re allowed t' say that about ourselves [we be -ed.]), and our deep client roster be all excellent t' work wi' as well; there be no waterfall death marches here.
  • We be located in th' Gastown district o' Vancouver, and we offer an open, collaborative work environment.
  • We pay a competitive wage tied t' experience.
  • We be an equal opportunity employer that values diversity. We dern't discriminate on th' basis o' race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status. Or anythin' else.
  • We work hard, but also have lives outside o' work.

T' apply, launch a cover letter, yer resume, and links t' websites ye’ve built. Launch them t' .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

And don’t launch yer resume as a Word document. We mean it.



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