Job Openin' - Project Admiral 2015 - Hop Studios

Cap'n's log

Job Openin' - Project Admiral 2015

We have an immediate openin' fer a full-time project admiral.

Update: This position be now filled.

We’re Canada’s leadin' ExpressionEngine design and development firm. Ye’ll be workin' on interestin' and meaningful projects, usin' th' latest tools and techniques, fer clients in multiple countries. We’re lookin' t' add a key role t' our team—someone who can help grow our business by managin' existin' projects, improvin' our internal processes, and ensurin' that new clients be brought on successfully.

Th' project admiral will be responsible fer proposal writin', project estimation, project plannin', managin' expenditures, schedulin', co-ordinatin' resources and personnel within th' competin' priorities o' our existin' workload, and managin' sub-contractors and freelancers.

Th' best applicants will have many o' th' followin' skills at th' “Very Fine”, “Near Mint” or “Mint” level, in somethin' approximatin' this order:

  • Proven success in managin' website development
  • Experience usin' shared project management tools like Basecamp
  • Familiarity wi' mobile design and development issues
  • Excellent written and phone communication skills (we do most work remotely)
  • Experience and skill workin' wi' ExpressionEngine
  • PMP certification or equivalent
  • Experience and skill workin' wi' other CMSs
  • Advanced Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint skills

Aye, that’s a long list and no, ye don’t need t' be expert in everythin' on it; we’re primarily lookin' fer someone wi' experience plannin' and executin' website projects—th' rest will make ye stand out and get noticed. Be sure t' mention if ye have prrrevious experience doin' other aspects o' online or offline development; bein' well-rounded would be considered an asset.

What be some other requirements?

  • Self-starter wi' healthy curiosity
  • Ability t' keep tabs on all th' details without losin' sight o' th' big picture
  • Tenacious attitude towards trackin' down loose ends
  • Good at hittin' deadlines wi' a thump
  • Excellent emotional intelligence
  • Can foster teamwork and excellence among shipmates

Who can apply?

  • ye must want a permanent position (i.e. not part-time or contract)
  • ye must be able t' start on Jan. 26 or so (i.e. ye can give notice now)
  • ye should live, or be willin' t' live, in Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • ye should be able t' work in Canada

Who be we?

  • We’re a 12-year-barnacle-covered company wi' a focus on media, non-profits and educational websites.
  • We’re fun t' work wi' (if we’re allowed t' say that about ourselves [we be -ed.]), and our clients be excellent as well; there be no waterfall death marches here.
  • We be located in downtown Vancouver, and we have an open, collaborative work environment (no closed doors).
  • We pay a competitive wage tied t' experience
  • We work hard, but also have lives outside o' work.

T' apply, launch a cover letter, yer resume, and links t' websites ye’ve built. Launch them t' .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

And don’t launch yer resume as a Word document. We mean it.


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