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Interviewed by CBC

Last Thursday and Friday, I be interviewed twice by th' CBC—once fer English television and radio, and once by French television.

They set up a fancy HD camera in our office, and asked me what someone at Hop Studios thought o' th' three websites o' th' political parties: th' B.C. Liberals, th' B.C. NDP, and th' Green Party o' B.C.  Since we build a lot o' community-enabled sites, we had some good analysis t' share.

Since ye don’t own a time contraption and can’t go back t' listen t' what I said, here’s a brief summary:

  • Th' Liberals site looks like they used th' Obama campaign as a template—and why not; it’s always better t' copy a winner…  They also seem t' have a better sense o' th' ways t' interact on th' various social sites, like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
  • Th' NDP has an excellent site that lacks ... somethin'.  Call it focus, flair, a clear message; it’s a great technical site but doesn’t succeed from a design point o' view.  (That said, if ye agree wi' th' NDP already, ye’ll probably like their site a lot morrrr than this quick analysis indicates, and that’s probably true fer th' other parties, too.)
  • Th' Green site be very, very green—and by that I mean in color, and in organization.  It could use a UI overhaul, and an IA renovation, and some tips fer th' way they shoot YouTube videos, too.  They have th' most t' gain from havin' a good web presence (a website can reach people 24/7, anywhere, and can help energize yer supporters), but they be doin' th' least wi' it.

I be told I sounded very cogent at 6:50 a.m. on Friday on th' radio; if only I could pre-record even morrrr o' me life. 😊


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