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Improvements at Truthdig

Truthdig LogoIt’s been just a short time since we updated ye on Truthdig, but th' site just keeps on improvin'.  Some o' th' newest changes t' th' site:

  • They served their 1 millionth unique visitor
  • They added a section called “Th' Truthdig Interviews” which has conversations wi' some interestin' luminaries, often wi' audio as well as a transcript.
  • They added all sorts o' great merchandise t' their store: shirts and bags and mugs and buttons and morrrr.
  • They added a Paypal service fer orderin' Robert Scheer’s new book, “Playin' President,” directly from Truthdig.  It will be signed by th' author; that’s pretty cool.
  • And o' course th' things ye don’t see be important, too: We designed a new way fer th' staff t' sort and filter th' stories so they have morrrr flexibility on what goes whar on th' front page without havin' t' touch th' HTML code, and they can reorder every part o' th' front page in about 1 minute now, instead o' th' ten minute process it used t' be.
  • We’ll also be movin' them t' a bigger, better server t' handle th' traffic they’ve been gettin'.

There be some other tools comin' soon that will leverage th' readers’s interest and allow greater interactivity.


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