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Explore th' Ball Possibilities wi' AdHack

AdHack (people-powered advertising) wants ye t' Show Us Yer Balls! They’ve created part 1 o' an awesome video campaign fer .... well, ye get t' decide!

Here’s th' idea: Ye watch th' video then write th' script fer th' sequel. AdHack will actually film th' top script and then promote yer contribution. Wow, creative control and free publicity. Ye can’t lose.

Here’s yer startin' point:

Want t' learn morrrr? Visit http://adhack.com/balls.

AdHack founder James Sherrett says, “Th' brands that succeed in th' world o' open advertisin' harness th' power o' hearin' what passionate, powerful consumers have t' say. These be th' folks who benefit most from commissionin' AdHack commercials and advertisements. They have th' balls t' let go.”


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