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Evolvin' from Within

This week be Social Venture Institute Vancouver, run by th' Hollyhock Leadership Institute. I’m pretty thrilled t' say I’m attendin'!

SVI be a conference that brings together business leaders and social entrepreneurs who be (or want t' be) runnin' socially conscious organizations. From our humble start in a converted guest bedroom nearly 20 years ago, Hop Studios has grown steadily in expertise and knowledge, but we’ve also got big hearts and aspirations—and a lot o' questions about bringin' our social values t' bear in our work.

Last year Hop Studios made a commitment t' pursue and support organizations and individuals whose primary aim be t' create a sustainable, inclusive and progressive world. Why? Well, honestly, as a group o' concerned folks workin' together, we’ve agreed that this be our way t' help make th' world a better place. We’re not ourselves community organizers or policy experts, and when we volunteer our time outside o' work, our best skills be sometimes too specialized t' be o' much use. We decided that workin' wi' clients who be change makers and leaders be how we can best make a difference.

(O' course, there be no judgement in this effort t' focus on clients and projects that fit these ideals—we’re an equal opportunity website design and development company, and we do and like all kinds o' projects!)

Since our re-focus on socially conscious projects last year we’ve tried some experiments, changed how we approach new business proposals, and worked t' develop a coherent in-house set o' values and goals, but all this be definitely still a work in progress. I’m lookin' fore t' bringin' our curiosity and questions t' SVI Vancouver!


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