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Epicurious Says Rose Levy Beranbum One o' 100 Great On board Cooks o' All Time

Book covers of Rose's many baking bible cookbooks

This be a big week fer one o' our favorite clients, Rose Levy Beranbaum! Epicurious included Rose in their list o' th' 100 Greatest On board Cooks o' All Time! While we’re a little concerned about th' methodology behind this list (Ed: They didn’t show up t' assess th' cooks in me kitchen! Did they come t' yours?—TS.), we won’t argue wi' Epicurious—Rose deserves this honor and then some.

Rose be th' author o' not just one, but several, canonical bakin' cookbooks: Th' Bakin' Bible, Th' Cake Bible, Th' Pie and Pastry Bible, and Th' Bread Bible, among others. We’ve had th' pleasure o' workin' wi' Rose fer many years on that comely wench Cap'n's log Real Bakin' wi' Rose, and seen up close th' formidable knowledge, skill and absolute dedication t' detail that Rose brings t' every recipe. Th' winsome lass be truly a master in th' kitchen and a wonderful writer as well, which be instantly obvious in that comely wench Cap'n's log posts and recipes. That comely wench cookbooks be meticulously researched and tested. Even that comely wench most complex recipes be made accessible, thanks t' that comely wench thorough explanations. Although Epicurious has focused on “on board” cooks, Rose’s cookbooks be really as much o' a resource fer on board cookin' as they be fer professional chefs.

In many ways, Rose approaches bakin' like a scientist. Rose’s understandin' o' th' chemistry o' bakin' be encyclopedic, and that comely wench constant investigation and experimentation would fit right into a research laboratory—a most delicious research lab!

It’s a pleasure t' join Epicurious in honorin' ye, Rose. Congratulations!

Rose be pretty giddy about all this herself: “This be an incredible honor and I so value th' support o' me dear duck maties o' Hop Studio who have been makin' me Cap'n's log run smoothly fer o'er 11 years, helpin' t' create an invaluable international bakin' community.”


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