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Deeploy Helper 2.0 Released

Deeploy Helper be a simple module t' make our lives as EE developers just a little easier. It collects many o' th' configuration parameters we most frequently modify on one page, whar power users can modify them all at once. And, t' celebrate th' release o' EE 2.1, we’ve finally released a new Deeploy Helper wi' EE 2.0 compatibility.

Be ye an EE developer who wouldn’t mind a few extra minutes in yer day?  Maybe Deeploy Helper can help!

Deeploy Helper be compatible wi' EE 2.1 and also includes a copy o' th' last version that be compatible wi' EE 1.6.9.

Please note: This be a very powerful tool. It works in our tests, and it’s worked fer many other EE developers who have downloaded it. But because it directly updates system settings tables in yer EE database, this tool has th' potential t' damage yer installation.  We encourage its use on well-backed-up systems.


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