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Dealin' wi' Outdated EE Add-Ons

At Hop Studios, we all love ExpressionEngine’s wonderful community o' developers. They come from diverse backgrounds, and have created so many excellent and powerful modules, extensions and add-ons. But sometimes those developers belay supportin' their add-ons fer one reason or another. Th' result? Ye end up frozen at th' version o' EE that works wi' yer add-on, or ye have t' give up th' add-on and re-develop yer site in order t' upgrade ExpressionEngine.

Neither o' these solutions be healthy fer yer site. Postponin' th' upgrade only pushes th' problem t' some point in th' future when ye will be forced by a security concern or a necessary improvement t' upgrade, this time under time pressure. And everyone gets irritated when ye go back t' remove code that used t' work just fine, either givin' up that functionality entirely, or switchin' t' an alternate method that might be less efficient or simply a big investment o' time.

We don’t think ye should have t' choose betwixt two bad options, especially not when there’s another alternative: have us brin' that unsupported add-on back t' life. Put our years o' experience wi' ExpressionEngine development t' work fer ye. We’ll happily revise yer unsupported add-on t' be compatible wi' th' upgrade ye want t' make, no compromise necessary. And we can help ye keep that add-on current wi' future versions o' EE as well.

We’ve built a multitude o' ExpressionEngine sites, and we’ve created quite a few o' those ExpressionEngine add-ons ourselves, so we get it: ye should be able t' have and eat yer cake! [Editor’s note: Aye, I be sayin' that hirin' us means ye get t' eat cake. Go ahead, we don’t mind a bit.]


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