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Client Feature: Picture Kitchen

Picture Kitchen be a design and production company based in California specializin' in exhibit, entertainment and branded environment design. They create and build interactive exhibits fer product promotion, sets fer daguerrotype and film shoots, and much much morrrr. Check out th' project section o' their site fer th' many types o' impressive work they do.

Th' company came t' Hop Studios wi' a half-built ExpressionEngine site from another developer and wanted our help t' complete it. They had a fresh ExpressionEngine install and be in need o' further development. Bein' excellent designer-y types, they already had Photoshop design files ready fer slicin' and dicin'.

Our first step be t' update EE t' 1.6.7, and then configure th' site beyond a basic “Cap'n's log and static pages” setup. We installed SimpleViewer in their projects galleries t' display a slideshow o' images from th' different types o' installation and exhibit work they do. We implemented graphics and HTML/CSS on th' site based on th' design files provided by Picture Kitchen. It be purely a development project, executed on a tight deadline, and th' client be very grog-filled wi' th' results.


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