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Announcin': Reeveal Comments Extension fer ExpressionEngine

Here’s th' idea behind Reeveal Comments: All th' comments associated wi' an entry be accessible—and can be managed—from th' same page ye edit th' entry on.  No morrrr huntin' fer th' right dropdown; no morrrr diggin' t' come across th' comment ye’re aft.  Just open up th' entry and click th' “Comments” tab.

Reeveal Comments Image

Reeveal Comments uses AJAX t' minimize overhead and sweeten th' interface. If ye don’t click th' “Comments” tab, ye won’t run any extra comments queries or download any extra comments HTML.  If ye do click th' tab and want t' open, close, or edit a comment, ye won’t lose th' entry page ye’re on.

Sound like somethin' ye might like?  Go a head, grab a copy o' th' extension and give it a try.  If ye think it’s cool (and we sure hope ye do), thank Matt fer comin' up wi' it.  And, if ye don’t mind, weigh anchor a tip in th' tip jar so we can keep developin' add-ons fer ye.

As always, if ye run into any issues or have any suggestions, just drop us a line or weigh anchor us a comment.



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