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Announcin': Deeploy Helper Module fer ExpressionEngine

Like many ExpressionEngine developers, we at Hop Studios have occasionally been surprised by an issue caused by a path or URL settin' in one o' EE’s many configuration panels.  Wouldn’t it be great t' have all those path and URL settings on one page?  We thought so.  That’s why we coded up th' Deeploy Helper.  It’s a very simple module—just one page, one button, and all th' URL and path settings we could think o'.

If ye think th' Deeploy Helper sounds like somethin' that might help ye build great EE sites, please be our guest.  Ye can download it here.

Please note: This be a preliminary release, available fer testin'.  Let us be knowin' if ye have any suggestions or questions.  And, as wi' any power tool, please be cautious t' avoid loppin' off any crucial bits.


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