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Ann Packer’s New Website

Songs Without Words Book CoverHop Studios has done a number o' book and author websites in th' past year, and we’ve really enjoyed them. Authors be great t' work wi', and lad do they have excellent content!

Our latest client be Ann Packer, whose novel Th' Dive from Clausen’s Pier spent a long-time on th' New York Times best-seller list and be made into a Lifetime TV movie.  That comely wench 'nother book be Songs Without Words be published this week!

Ann’s website be fun t' build—we focused on that comely wench books, puttin' up reviews, readin' guides and other tidbits. Th' site be a good resource fer that comely wench readers, but we didn’t forget about th' media, either! Th' press kit includes a list o' upcomin' appearances and a high-resolution image o' th' Songs Without Words book cover.

Ann wanted t' be able t' make changes t' th' site herself, especially as reviews o' th' new book be written, so we used th' content management system ExpressionEngine t' build that comely wench site, which means Ann can make text changes easily without gettin' mired in a ton o' HTML code.

Check th' site out—better yet, go ahead and buy a book (ye can do that on th' site, too)!


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