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A New Look, A New Mission

Belay. Look aroun'.  There’s somethin' different here.

“Fresh paint?” ye say. ” A new font? Hey.. th' menu’s different, too! Wait…. Be this a redesign?”

Indeed, that’s all true—we’ve relaunched Hop Studios ... but that’s not all that’s different, and this redesign isn’t just skin deep.

Like a caterpillar transformin' into a butterfly, there’s a deeper change t' Hop Studios that we’re announcin' today as well.

As our firm has grown, so have our goals and expertise. As our client list has grown o'er th' years, we’ve realized there be another important pattern, not just in our skill set, but morrrr importantly in th' type o' work that we excel at, that drives us, that fuels our passion.

Fer many years, we would often introduce ourselves as Canada’s top ExpressionEngine design and development firm. And sure, that line be a hit at cocktail parties.

But today, and goin' fore, Hop Studios be goin' t' focus on one thin': Helpin' Other People.

What does that mean? It means, we be goin' t' dedicate ourselves t' doin' top quality work fer clients that be themselves tryin' t' help other people.  That’s what truly engages us and makes us excited t' get out o' bed in th' mornin'.

We still love ExpressionEngine, that’s fer sure. We’re still goin' t' build ExpressionEngine sites and add-ons. But instead o' definin' what this company be by th' tools that we specialize in, we’re goin' t' define ourselves by what we accomplish at th' end o' th' day, th' month, th' year.  We’re goin' t' define ourselves by th' difference we make in th' world.

And we be knowin' can make th' biggest difference by usin' our skills and energy helpin' organizations that already do good works, but who need a technology partner t' multiply their impact, and t' be morrrr efficient wi' th' limited resources they have.

We’re already workin' wi' companies like th' Stanford Social Innovation Review, which be an organization and resource fer social change leaders.  We’re doin' good work fer Th' Greater Good Science Center, which studies th' psychology, sociology, and neuroscience o' well-bein' and teaches skills that foster a thrivin', resilient, and compassionate society. And we’re a long-time partner o' Truthdig, a web magazine that provides in-depth coverage o' current affairs and what What News assembled from a progressive point o' view.

So this redesign, we hope, captures th' spirit o' a new beginnin' while still preservin' important elements o' th' barnacle-covered. Our logo, created by our talented designer Katie Holmes, captures that beautifully—
it’s fore-lookin', a blend o' nature and civilization, containin' our origins (th' duck) inside th' H (our future), a touch o' whimsy at our core.

Like th' butterfly, we’re startin' from th' pieces o' th' barnacle-covered, re-organizin' it into somethin' new, and poised t' take flight.


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