Candyblog Switches Servers

candybloglogo.gifOne of our clients, Candyblog, was nearly a victim of its own success recently.

Since we re-launched that site with a new design, traffic has grown immensely, the owner has:

  • added well-paying advertising,
  • had various popular contests, and
  • has gone to New York City on a “candy trip”—I’m jealous, aren’t you?

But the increased traffic caused a problem on their old host, which wasn’t prepared to handle the load.

So they moved to our recommended provider, Nexcess.  (And yes, if you follow that link, we might end up getting credit for referring you.)  Nexcess can handle anything, and they do it politely!  Nexcess made the transition from the old server to the new one as painless as possible, and Candyblog is running even faster now, reporting on the last of the Easter candy even as we speak.


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