Build Websites

Design Interfaces

Know ExpressionEngine

Make Add-ons

HOP: Help Other People

Come Up With Solutions

Know Craft CMS

Are Friendly and Fun

Are Also Experienced

Solve Problems

HOP: Help Other People

Answer the Phone

Know Wordpress

Organize Data

Understand Your Needs

Win Awards (Like Webbys)

Social *All* the Media

HOP: Help Other People

Know Google Analytics

Do Good SEO

Like Being Helpful

Work Well With Others

Make Ideas Into Apps

Do the Heavy Lifting

HOP: Help Other People

Respect Your Time

Work Well with NGOs

Fix Broken Links

Want You to Succeed


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Client Care Program

As a client of Hop Studios, we treat your customers as if they were our own, and we want to make sure your site always offers the best possible experience to any visitor, at any time, on any device.

To ensure we can achieve this together with you, we created the FREE Client Care Program. The program is offered at no charge to all active clients and it currently covers this large menu of FREE services.

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Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2023: Enhancing the Web for All

Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2023: Enhancing the Web for All

Today is the 12th Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), an annual opportunity to highlight the importance of web accessibility and recognize the progress made. With new technologies and standards emerging, it’s easier each year to create inclusive digital experiences. Erin* has more to say about this below!

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